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Mootools in Joomla Got You Down?..Literally!

 Going deep inside the Matrix   

Mootools in Joomla got you down? Has this ever happened to you after you enable MooTools in Joomla 1.5 your site generates this code?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in .../plugins/system/mtupgrade/behavior.php on line 52
I was trying to get another plugin to work. While I was researching it I came across text that stated to enable Mootools, so what do I do, I enable Mootools. Bad idea, I go to see if anything changed and instead of the site I see the ERROR! It crashed my site. I was so upset. Instead of creating now I'm trying to restore. I found the fix pretty quickly on the Joomla Forum. See below for step-by-step instructions if you ever find yourself in the same predicament.

Problem Solved!  

  1.  Log into the hosting server data base, phpMyAdmin (the database) that the site is connected to. (if you do not understand what i am referring to then you may want to seek a professional because you can do some real damage, our # is 772-224-8052.)
  2. Go to the Structure tab, select Jos_Plugins
  3. Click the "browse" icon (by default it will only show 30 items, you may need to change the view to show more)
  4. Locate the System Mootools and click the edit icon (pencil)
  5. Change the Published value to 0 (zero)
  6. Click Go 
  7. That's it, you're done! check the site and go grab a Beer!  

This will tell the code to not run that darn plugin at all!




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